Certified Contact Center Professional (CCCP)

What is CCCP Certification?

Earning the Certified Contact Center Professional (CCCP) designation signifies your commitment to mastering foundational skills in contact center operations. Tailored for individuals at various career stages, this certification does not require years of experience and is not limited to supervisory or management roles. Successfully completing the rigorous examination showcases your dedication to understanding the essentials of contact center dynamics, from customer interactions to operational efficiency.

As a Certified Contact Center Professional, you gain valuable insights into the core principles of contact center environments, setting the stage for career growth and specialization. This certification serves as a stepping stone, providing a solid foundation for those entering the contact center field or seeking to broaden their expertise. Embrace the opportunities presented by the CCCP certification to excel in contact center operations and lay the groundwork for further advancements in your career.


Who is it for?

The Certified Contact Center Professional (CCCP) certification is thoughtfully crafted for individuals aiming to excel in the dynamic realm of contact center operations. Tailored to accommodate professionals at different career stages, this certification does not mandate extensive experience and is not confined to supervisory or management roles within the contact center field.

Ideal candidates for the CCCP certification include individuals who aspire to deepen their understanding of foundational contact center principles and contribute actively to the efficiency of contact center services. Whether you’re entering the contact center field or looking to expand your expertise, the CCCP certification is designed to recognize and validate your commitment to mastering essential skills in contact center operations. Embrace the opportunity to formalize your dedication, stand out in the competitive landscape, and pave the way for further career growth in the dynamic field of contact center management.


How is it assessed?

To obtain the CCCP certification, you must pass a 100 multiple-choice question exam (MCQ). The CCCP exam was created by contact center experts, so each test question can be related to real-life contact center experiences.

Once completed, the exam will be system-scored and immediately provide a result of “Pass” or “Fail.” A score of 65% or more is required to pass the exam.

By passing the CCCP exam with a score of 65% or higher, you will receive the globally recognized CCCP certification! The CCCP certification is valid for a period of three years. At the end of this period the candidate must re-certify.

If a candidate fails the exam they may retake it by re-registering and paying 50% of the exam fee. There is no limit on the number of times a candidate may take the exam.


What are the study routes available?

Our certifications are flexible to suit all learning styles, needs and budgets. Whether you prefer to learn independently or would prefer the support from one of our approved training providers, there is a study route for you.

  • ICSRM On-demand Study Route: Study for your certification exam with our online learning platform for a seamless and interactive learning experience. With our flexible, tutor-led learning platform, you can study anytime, anywhere and at your own pace.
  • Approved Training Centre Route: Choose to study at one of our approved training providers and benefit from structured tutor led learning, that will help you prepare for your upcoming exams. Depending on your centre, you can study face-to-face or via online distance learning.


What are the topics covered?

The comprehensive online CCCP examination covers the following topics:

  • The Value and Function of a Contact Center
  • Enneagram & U
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Best Practice in Customer Service
  • Strategic Customer Service Skills
  • Consultative Communication Skills
  • Complaints Handling
  • Handling Difficult Customers
  • Stress Management


What are the associated fees?

Exam & Membership £200 GBP
On-demand Study Route £120 GBP
Training Centre Route DBP


DBP: Decided by training providers

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