The Institute of Customer Service and Relationship Management (ICSRM) is founded with the belief of “Customer Relationship Excellence is the only way to sharpen your Competitive Edge!” The goal of the institute is to promote service quality and customer relationship excellence across the UK Region and the rest of the world and to recognize and reward companies, business units, teams, and individuals that have contributed to the success of both their customers and the organizations that they serve. ICSRM jointly offers the most recognized global certifications for CRM, Customer Service, Contact Center, Support Services with global education partners and international membership organizations to set Standards World-Wide.

As customers are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly more demanding, customer service is redefined and its roles changed.

Rapid technology advancement has brought added complexity and variety to different facets of customer service. Significant changes and improvements are made to enhance customer service quality and company productivity. Yet, the market competition and the chase to what is next seem never end.

Rapid changing market conditions, government regulations and de-regulations together with globalization of competition, corporations are constantly looking for creative, practical and result-oriented solutions to improve customer satisfaction and to both retain loyal customers and their own customer service staff.

Psychologists and other behavioral scientists have enlightened corporations on many of the above.

Faced with these challenges, we often find ourselves not alone in looking for collaboration, strategic alliances and partnering with others to explore synergy, benchmarking to improve process and productivity, seeking sustainable competitive advantages.

The Institute of Customer Service and Relationship Management program is unique because:

  • We adopt a scientist-practitioner approach that solves business problems with speed and scientific rigor;
  • We adopt a culturally sensitive and indigenous approach that draws upon research findings and business experience in UK work and service-delivery settings;
  • We work independently and do not report to any single member company, and
  • We supplement member company’s internal resources in training, marketing, and human resources management.


ICSRM qualifications are recognized globally and as a market responsive organisation, we have extensive contacts in Europe, Asia and Africa. This gives us unrivalled access to expertise relating to local culture and business practices, enabling us to anticipate challenges and opportunities for our centers.

Our programmes are clearly focused on one goal: the satisfaction of clients. ICSRM’s range of customer service certification focus on the attainment and strengthening of customer service and relationship management skills, depending on the individual’s career stage:

  • ICSRM Certified Customer Relationship Management Director (CRMD)
  • ICSRM Certified Customer Relationship Management Manager (CRMM)
  • ICSRM Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP)
  • ICSRM Certified Customer Service Analyst and Auditor (CCSA)
  • ICSRM Certified Customer Service and Relationship Officer (CCSO)
  • ICSRM Certified Contact Center Manager (CCCM)
  • ICSRM Certified Contact Center Supervisor (CCCS)
  • ICSRM Certified Contact Center Professional (CCCP)
  • ICSRM Certified Telemarketing Supervisor (CTMS)


Although many challenges that service-driven companies face seem to insiders very industry-specific, the basic issues are generic. Companies can and should learn from one another.

For this reason the Institute of Customer Service and Relationship Management has been established.

The objective of this institute’s Program is to find solutions that all member companies can adapt for use in their own business contexts, so that together we may

  • Learn faster from the best practices of other companies across industry, and
  • Pool resources to innovate where no one has yet found an acceptable solution.

With key industry representations, the Institute of Customer Service and Relationship Management shares a bigger vision which includes:

  • Elevate the customer service quality in UK, Asia and Africa.
  • Make UK, Asia and Africa a better place to live and do business.

Be a part of a better customer experience.

Join us as an associate, member or fellow and keep improving your customer service – with access to globally recognised insights, skills and specialists whenever you need them.